If you have a question regarding the Nerium SkinCare lawsuit we filed against our distributor Nerium International (which we are also 30% partners of), please feel free to ask in the message box below.

Please understand that there are some litigation related details which may have been categorized as “confidential” meaning until the court reclassifies the material, we will not be able to share with you some specifics. However, we are eternally grateful to our Nerium Brand Partners and consumers, and we will do all we can to address your question(s) in a timely, honest, and respectful manner.

Please don’t ask questions that are personally confidential, because it is our intent to post both the questions, and the answer here on the website, and to be as truthful and transparent as possible for all parties. (It is likely your question is one that other will have as well!)

Thank you in advance for your trust and support.

Yours Truly,

Nerium SkinCare Management

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