Nerium SkinCare, Inc. is dedicated to offering health and beauty solutions that are based on scientific research and actual customer success. Our natural products are founded on the result of years of continuing research at leading medical institutions, using the latest scientific methods and technology. Utilizing biotechnology research and new breakthrough extraction technology, Nerium SkinCare has formulated and developed a complete line of products that harnesses the unique and effective properties of the Nerium oleander plant.

Our vision is to consistently bring “first-in-class” products to market based on our firm belief in three tenets:

  • Core Science
  • Real Results
  • Continuous Advancement

Our mission is to develop health and beauty solutions that provide unparalleled well-being to the consumer.

Nerium SkinCare utilizes the Nerium Biotechnology research and technology in the development, formulation, clinical testing, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and product commercialization of its "best-in-class" natural skin care products. It’s this technology, core science, and continuing research on which Nerium SkinCare bases its products and defines their benefits.


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