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Nerium SkinCare, Inc., a subsidiary of Nerium Biotechnology, is dedicated to the discovery, formulation, and manufacturing of exclusive health and beauty products. By utilizing the latest advances in technology, harnessing the power of natural botanicals, Nerium SkinCare has been persistent in bringing revolutionary, “first-in-class” products to the market. Based on our firm belief in our three tenets – Core Science, Real Results, and Continuous Advancement, Nerium SkinCare is committed to being the industry leader with high quality, safe products.

Core Science. The foundation of Nerium SkinCare is established on our commitment to core science. We are a company founded by scientists and guided by a board of elite scientific advisory members. It is no wonder that as a company, we are dedicated to offering skin care solutions based on the latest scientific research and breakthrough technology.

Real Results. Nerium SkinCare’s success is the direct result of the company’s dedication to making products that are based on rigorous scientific research and clinical results. By allowing accessibility to our studies, and fostering communications between the consumer, our staff and scientists, Nerium SkinCare’s promise of real results through the delivery of quality and effective products is readily evident.

Continuous Advancement. Our mission at Nerium SkinCare is to develop health and beauty solutions for the well-being of the consumer. In pursuit of that mission, Nerium SkinCare has dedicated ourselves to advancing research at leading medical institutions – and it is that research we harness when developing proprietary formulas and high-quality products.

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